Privacy Policy

Generally speaking, Talk•Eco does not gather, and therefore does not store or share any personal information about visitors to the site. That said, users should be aware of the following.

Trackers & Beacons

We don’t use any trackers or beacons, including those from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The social icons on the site are merely links to our respective social accounts.


The site creates a couple of temporary cookies for each visitor. These are necessary for proper functioning of things like searching the site. They should expire when you quit out of your browser.

Funnily enough, the site also has to create a cookie to know if you have accepted the privacy and cookie policy. Go figure: you need a cookie to say no to cookies. Seems like a paradox to us. That cookie persists for a year unless you delete it in your browser settings.

Anyway, we don’t collect or use any information from any of these cookies, so don’t worry about them.

No third party cookies are created when using this site.

Cookies are also created by our analytics package, Matomo. See below.


Like other web sites, your I.P. address, web browser, general geographic location, etc. is recorded when you visit the site. But this information is not linked to you personally; it’s anonymous. That’s because we use Matomo for web statistics. Matomo respects your privacy and only our staff get to see the data. Unlike most sites, we DON’T use Google’s ubiquitous analytics. Furthermore, Matomo respects the do-not-track settings in web browsers. We DO NOT share any of this information with anyone.

Star Ratings

When you give any of the resources listed on this site a star rating, your IP address is logged. We don’t use or share that information.

Contacting Us

When you contact us by email, you submit your name and email address along with your comments. We use the information to follow up on your message. We do not share the information with anyone.

Updated August 24, 2022.