Which factory farming video is more effective?

Which factory farming video is more effective?

Category: Reports

Source: Human League Labs

Author(s): Nick Cooney

Year: 2013


In January of 2013, The Humane League ran a series of online advertisements to see which farm animal cruelty video was more effective at inspiring young women to want to change their diet: What Came Before or Farm To Fridge. A total of 83,000 viewers were tracked. A smaller-scale comparison, reaching 19,000 viewers, included two additional farm animal cruelty videos in the comparison: 10 Billion Lives and Meet Your Meat. All viewers were English-speaking and resided in westernized English-speaking countries, primarily the United States but also Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The comparison was carried out by running a series of identical Facebook advertisements to identical audiences. When clicked, the ads brought visitors to websites that were identical other than the fact that they featured just one of these four videos. The Facebook ads targeted only women age 13-25. A smaller set of blog ads targeted an audience that skewed younger and female, but that included men and older individuals as well.

The study did not track actual diet change. Rather, it tracked what percentage of people who saw the video were inspired enough by it to click to order a vegetarian starter guide. As a result, the results don’t indicate that one video definitely created more diet change (and spared more animals) than another video. However, until research of that caliber is carried out, the results of this study are probably the best indication we have of which video is most effective among young women. It suggests which video is most likely to make young women try to move toward vegetarian eating.

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