Visualizing Sustainable Cities

Visualizing Sustainable Cities

Category: Reports

Source: Resource Media

Author(s): Sian Wu

Year: 2017


Today’s urban residents are bombarded with imagery every day—from billboards, advertisements and store windows, to Facebook feeds and YouTube videos. In such an information-rich environment, it’d be easy for environmental organizations to get swept up in it all and think, “I’ve got to be out there, too! Clicks and eyeballs!”  

The purpose of our Visualizing Sustainable Cities project was to explore how sustainability projects and behaviors are being visually communicated in our region, and how we can be more inclusive of more communities in visual opportunities going forward.   

What an inclusive and sustainable city looks like was the crux of the issue that Resource Media posed as we deployed our image research project with the Bullitt Foundation and their grantees, Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Environmental Council.

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