Making the Case: Winning Messaging for Energy Efficiency

Making the Case: Winning Messaging for Energy Efficiency

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Source: Resource Media

Author(s): Resource Media

Year: 2015


Americans love energy efficiency. Poll after poll shows that overwhelming majorities of Americans have positive feelings about energy efficiency. So why aren’t there more policies in place to support this popular clean energy strategy?

The answer also lies in those polls: While energy efficiency is viewed positively, people generally think it should be an issue of personal responsibility—not an objective of government mandates. Moreover, relative to other pressing national energy issues, increasing our energy efficiency is not seen as an urgent priority.

You have to look hard to find anyone who opposes energy efficiency, on principle. But ask people to pay for it? To change their lifestyles to become more efficient? To support mandatory regulations to promote energy efficiency? That’s another story.

So despite the strong poll numbers, energy efficiency isn’t an automatic home run. But, by crafting messages and communications strategies designed to overcome the barriers identified by public opinion research, we can leverage Americans’ positive views of energy efficiency to advance policy and programs.

Drawing on recent focus groups, polls and other research, this memo charts a path to promote energy efficiency, through language and imagery, in ways that tap public enthusiasm for energy efficiency.

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