Let’s Talk Faith & Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders

Let’s Talk Faith & Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders

Category: Guides

Source: ecoAmerica and Blessed Tomorrow

Author(s): Kirra Krygsman, Meighen Speiser

Year: 2017


Let’s Talk Faith and Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders is designed to be useful to both experienced and novice climate change and faith communicators. This guide synthesizes the latest academic research and message testing on climate communications from across the social sciences into a practical guide to support meaningful discussions on climate change and faith among individuals and groups.

This guide offers tips on how to initiate new conversations with the faithful, how to create one’s own successful, value-based messages, and how to utilize specific wording that has been tested for its ability to bring people together regarding climate issues. Additionally, this document provides guidance on how to more deeply integrate creation care concerns into one’s own organization, ministry, or denomination.

This, along with the many resources offered by ecoAmerica’s Blessed Tomorrow program, will allow faith leaders to become as adept at talking about climate change as they are at inspiring others to act on behalf of our shared future.

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