Food Values

Food Values

Category: Reports

Source: Organic Centre Wales

Author(s): Jane Powell, Sophie Wynne-Jones, Rebecca Sanderson, Alice Hooker-Stroud, Sam Packer

Year: 2015


What does food mean to people? Is it fuel for the engine, a fashion item, an export commodity, a sensual temptation, a vehicle for culture and celebration, a badge of religious and political identity, or a vital connection with the natural world? It can be all of these things and more, and the stories people tell about food will affect not only what individuals choose to eat, but ultimately the structure of the food system in society. These stories reflect deeply-held values – the guiding principles that influence the attitudes people hold and how they behave.

Food security and sustainability are key challenges for this generation. Whilst research is advancing rapidly into the technical dimensions of agricultural productivity, less attention has been paid to the social questions around how food is produced and consumed. At the same time, concerns over food waste, well-being and poverty have gained increasing traction. Across all of these issues a focus on values, identity and emotion are critical to ensure effective communication and governance can be advanced.

The ‘Food Values’ project has tackled this head-on, aiming to rethink the way food education is delivered by exploring the importance of values as a centre-point of progressive social change.

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